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National Automobile Vocational Education Group

On November 6, 2004, under the support of the Ministry of Education of the PRC, the formation of “National Automobile Vocational Education Group” (Alliance) was announced and the Secretariat is attached to SAE-China. There were 115 council members in the first council of the group. It covers the vehicle manufacturers, parts manufacturers, post-market servicing enterprises, scientific institutions, undergraduate institutions, and vocational and specialized higher education institutions.


The objectives of the Alliance are to cultivate technical-type talents for automotive industry, conduct series of study and development from talents, majors, to standards of teaching course systems, and educational resources, thus combining vocational schools, vocational colleges and university organically, and establishing “bridges” and lifelong studying system for talented people.

Important Honors

5A-Academic association
National advanced social organization
Excellent science and Technology Association

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