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Automotive Innovation Newsletter in March, 2019

Automotive Innovation newsletter in March includes the following contents:

1. A Glimpse of Experts—Prof. Shijin Shuai from Tsinghua University

2. Article Recommendation—Four papers on technologies of Vibration, Carbon Fiber, Gearbox of EV and Mechanical Interface Design

3. China SAE News:

(1) Research report on China intelligent and connected vehicles test and pilot zones is released

(2) Auto Shanghai 2019: concurrent activities are released

(3) AECCE 2019: calling for papers will be closed on April 24, 2019

(4) ALCE 2019 registration is open

(5) EVI 2019 & Hydrogen Embrittlement of High Strength Steels Conference is calling for Paper Abstracts


For detailed information, please click Automotive Innovation Newsletter in March, 2019 .

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