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Group Standards

Standard of China-SAE (CSAE), started at 2006, belongs to the group standards. China-SAE learned it from other counterparts in the world and combined it with an actual situation of China’s automobile industry development. In 2015, the “technical specification” was renamed “technical standard”. According to relevant government documents, group standards have the same legal status as local standards groups, the national standards, industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards. These standards constitute a new national standard system, which will be fostered and promoted. China-SAE is the pilot unit of group standard selected by Standardization Administration of the PRC.


Under the CSAE Committee, China-SAE has established a three-level working system featuring standardized decision-making, standardized management coordination and standardized organization. These are in the charge of Technical Standards Department, Technical Committee and Branch Technical Committee, and Technical Standards Working Group (i.e., the drafting working group and auditing working group) respectively. In addition, in order to ensure the standardization work to be more professional and standardized, China-SAE also regulated working procedures and requirements strictly according to a series of standardized working management documents.


Up till now, progress has been made in automotive brake, steering, materials, aging and anti-corrosion, gasoline.

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