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Academic exchanges

The academic exchanges platform of China-SAE is not only a bridge between domestic and foreign automotive industries, enterprises and engineers, but also an effective platform for leading the development of science and technology, promoting technical cooperation, the exchange and dissemination of advanced technology, and cultivating sci-tech talents. China-SAE organizes nearly one hundred academic exchanges each year. From the perspective of coverage, these activities are cross-border, cross-industry, cross-field and wide range. From the perspective of contents, these activities are forward-looking, advanced and practical; from the personnel training, these activities attach importance to building a platform for young people to encourage innovation. By organizing youth-targeted activities, such as youth projects and student forums, China-SAE supports the growth of the young talents in automobiles.


After years of development, China-SAE holds many internationally influential conferences each year, such as “China-SAE Congress & Exhibition (SAECCE)”, “China ICV Forum”, and the “TM Symposium China (TMC)”. Among them, SAECCE represents a comprehensive communication platform combining meetings and exhibitions, and a comprehensive event to track the hot spots of the automotive industry. It is also the largest comprehensive academic exchange conference in automotive industry. In terms of the scale of topics in the branch venues, the number of delegates or the number of thesis, the Society ranks only second to America and Japan in such activities.


In addition, China-SAE also holds high-end academic exchanges which have profound effects on automotive technology development, such as “International Advisory Committee (iTAC)” participated by CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) from major domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers, the “Technical Summit Closed-Door Meeting” participated by the directors of technical centers at home and abroad, and the “Forum of Academicians” hosted by academicians.

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