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Continuing Education

To promote the development of automotive professional talents has always been an important tenet of China-SAE, among which the engineering education accreditation, evaluations, and the continuing education are the core business chain in training talented persons as well as the organic combination of trinity.


After years of explorations and practices, based on the professional committees, local academies, and third party partners, China-SAE has constructed an industry-wide training system, which can provide both public training courses and customized ones.


Common Courses: It is divided into two categories, i.e. engineer programs and instructor programs. The engineer programs are designed to provide professional and technical personnel, management personnel with courses concerning research and development, manufacturing technologies and relevant management.


Instructor programs consist of “National Automotive Teaching Training”, “National Automotive Dual (Multiple) Certification”, and “National Automotive Dual (Multiple) Specialized Training” which aim at cultivating national automotive engineers, technicians and instructors, also “triple capacities” (vocational education method capacity, automotive engineering theoretical capacity and hands-on ability).


Customized Courses: Corresponding with the two targeted service groups of common courses, customized courses are designed to meet the special needs of enterprises and schools’ commissions to enhance the capacity of specific groups, customize related courses, and implement it.

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