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Technological Achievement Evaluation

The technological achievement evaluation is an important aspect of management of science and technology achievements in China-SAE, aiming at accelerating the technology transformation in automotive industry. The objects of technological achievement evaluation contain technological invention achievements and soft science research achievements. The technology development department is in charge of the evaluation. Full-time staff is deployed to be responsible for assessing the projects, which are mainly from government departments, local societies, commissioned branches and enterprises. The technological achievement evaluation not only provides enterprises with channels of special inspections for products, but also has become the key support of government’s automotive technology consulting services.


After years of developments, China-SAE has established technological achievement evaluation of information library for expert databases, scientific and standardized system of technological achievement evaluation systems, processes and management methods (measures for the evaluation of technical achievements of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China (Trial)). After the projects of technological achievement evaluation were accepted, China-SAE has adhered to the principles of seeking truth from facts, adhering to the scientific and democratic decision-making, persisting in the law of impersonal and impartial, focusing on quality, and emphasizing on effectiveness. According to the prescribed assessment process, China-SAE has organized leading authorities to examine and recognize the scientific and technological achievements, evaluate the technological achievements in its sciences, creativity, advancement, feasibility, and promising applications, and then issued appropriate corresponding scientific and technological achievements assessment reports. In recent years, conducted technological achievement evaluations are: commercial vehicles drive axle assembly product (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation), the advanced limousines of Red Flag, (First Auto Work) series products, the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (Shanghai GKN) series products, lightweight automobile project (Shanghai General Motor), etc.

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