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Culture of Popular Science

China-SAE has been committed to popularizing automobile knowledge and spreading advanced automobile culture. Supported by large-scale cultural activities and bases construction of popular science, the Society has cultivated excellent talents for the automotive industry by establishing a pragmatic and differentiated culture platform of popular science.

Cultural Bases of Popular Science

With the support of Beijing Auto Museum, Shanghai Auto Museum and physical platforms of automobile performance in various cities, China-SAE has gradually built a network of science popularization, education, sports and cultural bases, such as the cooperation with the Beijing Auto Museum in 2014 and carried out “Science and Technology Lecture”.

Cultural Activities of Popular Science

The Society aims to build a cultural platform of popular science for continuing education, universities, secondary vocational colleges and schools, primary and secondary schools in the whole field, and it has gradually implemented the plan in three levels according to “the China Youth Automobile Talent Training Program”. In the plan, the first grade is the elite platform facing to the continuing education, universities, and high vocational students, such as “China Automotive Model Design Competition”, “Formula Student China (FSC)”, “Formula Student Electric China (FSEC)” and “Automotive Brand Innovation Competition” (to be implemented); The second grade is the technical skills platform facing to the secondary and higher vocational teachers and students and undergraduate students, such as “National Auto Skills Competition for Teachers of Vocational Colleges and Schools”, “Baja China-SAE (BAJA)”; The third grade is the interests platform facing to junior and senior high school students, such as “Remote Control Car Competition for Middle School Students” (to be implemented), and “Rubber Band Power Car Project” (to be implemented).

In the elite platform, “China Automotive Model Design Competition”, started in 2005, is the largest in scale and the most authoritative national professional events in automotive design and culture, which aims at promoting the training of automotive model design talents and academic exchanges.

FSC, started in 2010, is an automotive design and manufacturing competition with international experience (More than a dozen countries have host the event) and is participated by students in automotive engineering or related majors. Up till now, nearly a hundred teams, including foreign teams, have participated in this competition. It is known as the “cradle of automotive engineers”, and is also an event for young international automotive engineers to exchange with each other. Started in 2015, FSEC, an independent branch of the FSC Electric Vehicle Group, aims at nurturing automobile talents in the emerging electric vehicles. In 2017, a new event called “China Unmanned Formula Race” will be created, where the “hacking” stage will be introduced to provide real combat platform for the cross-border personnel in intelligence, driverless technology, new energy, vehicle information security, and to cultivate the top masters, doctors and continuing education professionals for the future of China’s automobile industry.

In the technical skills platform, founded in 2015, Baja China-SAE (BSC) is an off-road vehicle design, manufacturing and checking competition, whose participants are students from colleges, universities, and vocational schools automotive-related majors. BAJA originated from the United States in 1976. By adopting the most advanced technology and engineering practice education methods, it has become the most significant public platform for discovering and training automotive technology talents and a mixture of technologies and joys. “National Auto Skills Competition for Teachers of Vocational Colleges and Schools” was founded in 2011. It aims at seeking and cultivating “double-capacity teacher” by comprehensively assessing core competencies as “engineers” and “teachers” of professional teachers at vocational colleges and schools. Up till now, the event has set up six sub-events including automotive maintenance and repair, automotive marketing, automotive sheet metal and automotive coating for secondary and higher vocational colleges and schools. Each session, there are nearly 200 teams for the event, involving nearly 100 institutions.

In order to better promote the face-to-face communication between students, young engineers and leading figures and experts in automotive industry from home and abroad, the “Young Engineers Forum” organized by China-SAE has been established. It is not only a platform for participants to know better about the development of automotive industry, but also a practical stage on which participants could exchange their ideas on the integration of industry, universities, researches and application.

In addition, the Society also gets involved in the brand competition: “National Vocational Students Skills Competition”. As a national skills competition (also known as “National Competition” in automotive industry) supported by almost all related departments, the annual national students’ competition of vocational education, compared with other brands competitions, covers more majors, attracts more participants, develops more social influence. The competition is initiated by the Ministry of Education, and held jointly with relevant departments of the State Council, industry and municipalities. China-SAE, as a co-organizer or sponsor, participates in many competitions, such as, “National Vocational Students Skill Competition Marketing Event for Higher Vocational Colleges and Schools”, “National Vocational Students Skills Competition Group Automotive Maintenance Event for Higher Vocational Colleges and Schools”, “National Vocational Students Skills Competition Marketing Event for Secondary Vocational Colleges and Schools”.

In 2014, China-SAE signed cooperation agreements with the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the China Guanghua Foundation respectively, which showed the social cooperation of the project and provided financial guarantee for the sustainable development of personnel training in China's automobile industry.

Projects of China Association for Science and Technology and Others

China-SAE has undertaken many projects related to the China Association for Science and Technology, such as selecting the new-energy vehicle (from BAIC Motor Corporation, LTD) which is picked up by the most advanced electricity- driven system, with high-end electric platform, as the exhibit for the “Frontier & Technology Show” (held in China Science and Technology Museum); selecting the Chinese students’ Formula of Automobile from Beijing Institute of Technology team for “China Science Festival” (held in Beijing Exhibition Center). Based on FSC “Campus Tour”, China-SAE created projects, for example, the project “Let Dream Blossom in the Campus”, which is built for the “Strengthening Society by Party Building”.

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