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Research and Consultation

Based on abundant resources of experts and innovation platforms, China-SAE, as a bond of relative government departments, automotive industry and related institutions, has developed an excellent ability of researching and consulting in automotive industry technology strategy research, industry research and technical consultation.


Strategic Research

China-SAE has already developed a professional and high-level capability of research and consultation in automotive engineering science and technology, strategy and consultation. It has accumulated rich research experience in automobiles, energy, materials, information and other related fields. An automotive technology strategic experts think tank and academician studios have been established with academicians from many automotive and automotive-related industries, directors of the enterprise technology centers or research institutions, persons in charge from universities and research institutions involved in. Typical projects include Chinese Manufacturing 2025 Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicles Technology Roadmap, Research on the Development Strategy of China Automotive Engineering Technology 2030, 2035, China’s Science and Prospect of the Society: Automotive Technology and its Future 2049, and Prediction of The Trend of Mid- and Long-Term Development of Automotive Industry & the Outlook of Automotive Energy Demand 2050 and so on.

Several Automotive Industry Technology Strategy Consultation Research Programs Organized by China-SAE

1. Looking ahead to 2025: Chinese Manufacturing 2025 Technology Roadmap for Energy Conservation and New Energy Automotive;
2. Looking ahead to 2030: Refinement Research on (one plus seven) Technology Roadmap for Energy Conservation and New Energy Automotive
3. Looking ahead to 2035: Research on the Development Strategy of China Automotive Engineering Technology 2030,2035;
4. Looking ahead to 2049: China’s Science and Prospect of the Society: Automotive Technology and its Future;


Industrial Research

China-SAE has abundant research and consultative experience in evaluation on automotive industry policies, financial and taxation incentive policy of new energy automotive, the annual development report of automotive industry, the annual report on the development of automotive technology, the plan of automotive industry development, the economic evaluation on energy conservation and new energy vehicles technology, the evaluation on the effect and profit of energy and environment, the research on business modes of electric automotive, and the prediction of the trend of mid- and long-term development of automotive market.

Typical cases are as follow: at the national level, we have finished the compilation of Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2012-2020), Annual Report on Automotive Industry in China (Blue Papers), Annual Report on Vehicle Technology in China (Red Papers), and Trace Research on World Automotive Technology Development.

Parts of the Research Programs on Automotive Industry Research Organized by China-SAE
1. Industrial Planning: Planning at the national level (Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2012-2020)) and industrial development planning for domestic relevant automotive cities;
2. Policy Research: Policies of financial subsidies for new energy vehicles, tax incentives, and performance evaluation on energy conservation, and demonstration and promotion of new energy vehicles;
3. Technology Evaluation: Mid-and long-term innovative strategic evaluation on China's automotive industry, technology development capacity, evaluation on China's automotive enterprises, information systems report on the management of China automotive industry;
4. Market Research: The prediction of development trend of automotive market, the research of the electric vehicles business model, the performance evaluation on electric car rental time sharing, and the survey for the electric vehicles consumers.

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