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Automobile Engineering

Founded in 1979 and hosted by China-SAE, Automobile Engineering is an academic periodical governed by China Association for Science and Technology, which reflected the research level of automobile industry in China. With its big influence and respected authority, Automobile Engineering, the core journal of China Science and Technology Journal, has been included by Engineering Index (Ei) and many other databases. It was awarded one of the “One Hundred Outstanding Chinese Academic Journals” in 2002, and has been named for High Quality Sci-tech Journals from 2008 to 2014.


The Journal mainly contains discussion of the theory of automobile, and academic papers on designing, development, producing, application and experimental research of vehicles and parts, to deliver a comprehensive reflection of various high-tech (such as information, computer and network, automation, microelectronics, communications, new energy, new materials, new technology, environmental protection technology) in the applications of automotive and transportation fields. Since its establishment, Automobile Engineering has been highly appreciated by academic circles both at home and abroad.

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