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Invitation to Join the Award Committee - Automotive Innovation Best Paper Award 2019

The Automotive Innovation Best Paper Award 2019 is to be started, with all original papers published in Automotive Innovation during 2019 eligible for the nomination. Researchers and engineers from academia are welcome to join the Award Committee (AC) to help select the best papers.

Eligibility: all papers published in Automotive Innovation during 2019 (1 Jan., 2019 – 31 Dec., 2019) are eligible for the award.

Selection process: 1) editorial department propose papers to be selected; 2) AC evaluate those and give nominations, then make the final decision.

Basis for Judging: general quality of paper, subject matter, originality, scientific, technological and innovative excellence of the paper will be considered for selecting the awardees.

About AC

Experts field distribution: AC cover experts in the fields of intelligent and connected vehicles, battery and energy management, car body design and lightweight, engine, and transmission system.

Responsibilities: AC is responsible for evaluating and scoring papers; the evaluation ends on 31 July,2020.

How to Join AC

We hereby invite qualified researchers and engineers from academia to join the Award Committee:

Qualification: 1) No conflict of interests involved. 2) Rich experience and high influence in the research of cutting-edge technologies in related fields. 3) Doctoral degree required. 4) Capable of finishing the evaluation before due time.

Application: please send the application form (attached below) to jai-editor@sae-china.org.

Deadline: 30 June, 2020.


Ms. Lily Lu, +86-01-50950036,



About Automotive Innovation

Sponsored by China SAE and published globally via Springer Nature, Automotive Innovation aims to be a world-class journal that provides abundant sources of innovative findings for automotive engineers and scientists. The journal is published quarterly, ensuring high-quality papers satisfying international standards. With the editorial board consisting of world-renowned experts, it has attracted readers from 72 countries and regions. The highest download of a single article wins more than 10,000.

The journal is dedicated to the publication of peer-reviewed original papers and covers the principles, methodologies, designs, theoretical background and cutting-edge technologies in connection with the development of vehicle and mobility. The main topics include but are not limited to: energy-saving, electrification, intelligent and connected, safety and lightweight technologies.


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