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Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2.0 officially released

On October 27th, the Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2.0 (hereinafter referred to as Technology Roadmap 2.0) was released in Shanghai, which was revised and compiled by more than 1,000 experts across the industry organised by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China SAE) under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Li Jun, president of the China SAE and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, released the background and main contents of the Technology Roadmap 2.0 at the opening ceremony of the 2020 annual meeting and exhibition of the China SAE.


Academician Li Jun released the Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2.0


Technology Roadmap 2.0 further confirms the development direction of "decarbonisation, information-based and intelligent" of global automotive technology, and objectively evaluates the technological progress and weaknesses since the release of Technology Roadmap 1.0. It makes an in-depth analysis of the new missions and needs entrusted to the automotive industry in the new era. It further deepens the industrial development vision of the continuous improvement of the quality of automotive products, the safety and controllability of the core links, the sustainable development of the automotive industry, the completion of the ecological construction of a new industry, and the comprehensive realisation of the strategic goal of a great automotive power. In addition, it puts forward six major objectives for the development of China's automotive industry in 2035.That is, the carbon emissions of China's automotive industry will reach its peak around 2028 ahead of the national carbon reduction commitment, and by 2035, the total carbon emissions will be reduced by more than 20% compared with the peak; new energy vehicles will gradually become mainstream products, and the automotive industry will basically achieve electrification transformation; China's ICV core technology will be world-class, and the products will be applied on a large scale; the level of independence of key core technologies will be significantly improved, and a collaborative, efficient, safe and controllable industrial chain will be formed; the automotive intelligent mobility system will be established, and the deeply integrated ecology of automotive, transportation, energy, and cities will be formed; the technological innovation system will be basically mature, and China will have the ability to lead the world in original innovation.

Major milestones in the Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap


Technology Roadmap 2.0 further emphasises the battery electric drive development strategy: by 2035, the market share of new energy vehicles will exceed 50%, the car parc of fuel cell vehicles will reach about 1 million, energy-efficient vehicles will be fully hybrid, and the automotive industry will achieve electrified transformation.

Technology Roadmap 2.0 further defines the construction of China's ICV technology system and the new industrial ecology. It puts forward that by 2035, all kinds of intelligent connected autonomous-driving vehicles will be widely applied in China. China's intelligent connected vehicles will be deeply integrated with intelligent energy, intelligent transportation and intelligent cities

Nine technological directions of Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap


Technology Roadmap 2.0 continues the research framework of "overall technology roadmap + technology roadmap in key areas", and broadens the research layout of "1+7" to "1+9". It forms "1+9" research layout of "overall technology roadmap + energy-efficient vehicles, battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, intelligent connected vehicles, vehicle power batteries, new energy vehicle electric drive assembly system, charging infrastructure, automotive lightweight, automotive intelligent manufacturing and key equipment".


Release site of the Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2.0


After the release of Technology Roadmap 2.0, it will be published to the public. In the meantime, the China SAE will also organise relevant experts to conduct in-depth interpretation of the technology roadmap and carry out special training, so as to provide innovative decision-making reference for all sectors of the government, industry, education, research and application.

The research on the Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap is a significant work to support the relevant planning of government science and technology and industry, to lead the technological innovation of the industry, and to guide the agglomeration of all kinds of social resources. Entrusted by the National Manufacturing Strategy Advisory Committee and the MIIT, the China SAE organised more than 500 experts from automotive, energy, materials, communications and other fields to complete the research and released the Technology Roadmap 1.0 in 2016. Since the release of Technology Roadmap 1.0, the internal and external environment of the automotive industry has been constantly changing, and the technological progress of the automotive industry is changing with each passing day. In order to ensure its scientific nature, timeliness and leadership, and to support China's science and technology planning research work oriented to the 2035 new energy vehicle planning research and automotive-related "14th Five-year Plan", under the guidance of the MIIT, the China SAE launched and organised more than a thousand industry experts to study for a year and a half, and organised nearly 100 expert seminars, brainstorming sessions and expert review meetings. A broad industry consensus has been reached, and the revision of the Technology Roadmap 2.0 has been completed.

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