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New Beginning,Everything Revives

"Global NEVs Cutting-edge & Innovative Technologies Selection" has started for 2021

  • Evaluated by 27 authoritative industry experts
  • The units or organizations that have been rated as innovative technology will receive the certificates and evaluation reports signed by the co-chair of the S&T Committee of WNEVC and CSAE

NEV-SCIT is the first selection of new energy vehicle technology in the world.The purpose of selecting the world's "Cutting-edge and Innovative Technologies" is to accurately catch the latest NEV technology development. It will also promote NEV technology collaboration and exchanges between China and the world; as well as guide the acceleration and breakthrough of core NEV technologies. The results of the selection are released to the world at the annual WNEVC.
  The definitions of Cutting-edge and Innovative Technology are
"Cutting-edge Technology" refers to a forward-looking, pioneering, and exploratory technology that has a high potential to be an important fundamental technology in the future NEV product development and the industry's transformation and upgrading. Cutting-edge technologies must be in the fundamental research stage and are expected to achieve industrial applications within 5-10 years.

"Innovative Technology" refers to a novel technology that has existing application(s) solving technical difficulties and bottlenecks in the key areas of NEVs. Innovative technologies must already have industrial application(s) with product(s) in volume production.

  Selection Field
·Vehicle Integration and Control Systems
·Power Batteries
·Hydrogen Fuel Cells
·Powertrain and Drive Systems
·Lightweight and Advanced Materials
·Energy Infrastructure and Supply 
·Other Emerging NEV Technologies

Selection Agency
The WNEVC Science and Technology Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") will take the main responsibilities for the selection. Currently, the Committee composed of renowned scientists and experts who have strong academic backgrounds and have made great contributions to NEV technological innovations, key components and materials.
The Science and Technology Committee




Organization and Position


LI Jun

Chairman of China Society of Automotive Engineers, The CAE Academician

OUYANG Minggao

Professor of Tsinghua University, The CAS Academician

ZHAO Fuquan

Director of Tsinghua Automotive Strategy Research Institute

Lifetime Honorary President of FISITA


YI Baolian

Professor of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of CAs, The CAE Academician

SUN Fengchun

Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, The CAE Academician

WU Feng

Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, The CAE Academician

MAO Xinping

Director in University of Science and Technology Beijing of Steel Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, The CAE Academician


Professor of Harbin University of Science and Technology


Chairman of Shanghai Partnership of FCV

Hans Georg ENGEL

Senior Executive Vice President, Daimler Greater China Ltd.

HUANG Xuejie

Professor of Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

LI Kaiguo

President of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.

LI Keqiang

Professor of Tsinghua University


Senior Vice President of BYD Co., Ltd.

LU Jian

Vice President of City University of Hong Kong, Academician of the National Academy of Technologies of France


Founder of Phase Motion Control Spa, International expert for the National "Thousand People Plan"


Professor of the University of Michigan

UCHIYAMA Hidetoshi

CEO, China Electrification System Business Unit, Denso (China) Investment Co., Ltd

WANG ChaoYang

Chair Professor of the Pennsylvania State University, The NAI Academician

WANG Yunpeng

Vice President and Professor of Beihang University, Chang Jiang Scholar


Senior partner of Roland Berger GmbH

WU Zhixin

Vice General Manager of China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd.

XIAO Chengwei

Professor of No.18th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

YU Zhuoping

Professor of Tongji University, Director of Collaborative Innovation Center of Intelligent New Energy Vehicle

ZHANG Zhengming

Sr. Tech Executive Officer of Asahi Kasei Separator SBU, Chief Technology Officer of Celgard


Deputy Chief Engineer, SAIC MOTOR


Endowed Professor of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Technologies Collection:
 Experts recommend: Committee experts can respectively recommend 2 items of Cutting-edge & Innovative Technologies (The technology recommended by Committee experts can directly enter the final evaluation after examination form);
 Secretariat recommendation: The WNEVC Secretariat and the Secretariat of the Science and Technology Committee recommend through selection, invitation, etc.;
 Open collection: Cutting-edge and Innovative Technologies are openly collected for domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises, and relevant industry organizations; Each technical field (8 selection fields) can only declare 1 item for the same unit.

All applications must be submitted online ( http://enselection.wnevc.com ). Please fill in both Chinese and English.

Results Release
1.The results will be released to the world during the Congress, compiled and distributed during the Congress.
2.The Science and Technology Committee will issue a certificate for the evaluated unit or group.  
3.Evaluated unit or group will be invited to the 2021 WNEVC.
4.The technologies on the final evaluation list will be announced to the public.

Time Schedule
1.March 8th to April 30th 2021: Material collection.
2.May 1st to May 15th, 2021: Examination Form.
3.May 16th to June 30th, 2021: Preliminary Evaluation.
4.July 1st to July 15th, 2021: Material Improvement and Defense.
5.July 16th to July 31st, 2021: Final Evaluation.
6.August 1st to August 20th, 2021: Form the Selection Result Manual and Release Draft.
7.During the 2021 Congress: Released.
8.Closing day of the Congress: Release " Popular Technology".
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