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The 13th TM symposium China is scheduled to take place in Shanghai in July 8-9, 2021.

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Dear Colleagues,

The 2.0 Version of Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Road Map developed by many industry experts has just been issued by China-SAE. The road map puts forward the overall development goals of comprehensive hybridization for conventional passenger vehicles and 50% market share by 2035 for each of HEVs and NEVs. Implementing this comprehensive electrification road map would promote China’s automobile industry to build a new overall technical framework and industrial layout, as well as a high integration of energy-saving-vehicle and NEV industry chains. Electrified drive systems (including hybrid and pure electric) would be the top priority within automobile industry chain in the future.

However, there are still obvious shortcomings in the field of electrified drive system technology in China, such as electromechanical coupling technology, hybrid dedicated engine, hybrid vehicle integration, highly integrated BEV drive system, high performance motor and controller, etc. In addition, in the face of many drive system variants and constantly innovative technologies, as well as China’s diversified market demand, how auto companies choose and develop their ideal drive systems and build modular platforms is also a big challenge.

The potential for the innovations is unlimited, but the challenges are unprecedented. China has become one of the most dynamic countries for innovations with strong support of policies, capital and market. The key to successful innovations also lies in gathering the wisdom of the whole industry, and strengthening open cooperation and supply chain integration.

The 13th TM symposium China (TMC2021) is scheduled to take place in Shanghai in July 8-9, 2021. This event will mainly discuss electrified transmission and drive technologies and strategies addressing the shortcomings and challenges as mentioned above. The scope of topics is as follows:

●Regulation and market changes and their impact on drive systems

●Transmissions improving PT efficiency and new transmission concepts

●Efficient and low-cost hybrid transmissions and drives (48V/HEV/PHEV)

●Hybrid dedicated engines and high-power batteries

●BEV multi-speed TMs, high-speed and highly integrated drives

●Efficient and low-cost eAWD concepts (48V/HEV/EV)

●Modular and scalable electrified drives (HEV/EV)

●E-motors & Power Electronics for improving PT system efficiency, power density and cost

●Intelligent powertrain systems and OTA based on domain control unit and SOA software

●Component, lubrication, cooling, material and processing technologies

●Development & testing methods and tools

TMC is the largest international technology exchange and exhibition platform for leading technology direction and docking market demand in transmission and drive sector in China, and its status would be further enhanced due to the comprehensive electrification road map.

We will invite more speeches from industrial leaders and OEMs’ executives, invite more speeches and exhibitions on innovative technologies and solutions, and make the event more interactive by increasing the times for Q&A, networking and exhibition tour, and by improving the innovative technology voting program. Speech and innovation highlights will be publicized via emails, WeChat and media before the event, and core media will be invited to intensively report the event.

TMC2021 is expected to assemble about 50 speeches, 60 exhibitors and 900 professionals.

Looking forward to your active participation in speech, exhibition and sponsorship with cutting-edge technologies and high-quality presentations.

Sincerely yours
China SAE / Hans Auto Consultant
November 2020

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